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Business Contact guidelines

If you would like to write a message to this site, you may. Generally the best way to show that it's a genuine message is to know about the site and to write in showing knowledge of the site.

Messages of the form "Dear [$name not found], I visited your website and found it was not listed on some search engines" or "Dear spam.bot.fell.for.this.one, I visited your website and found it a useful resource for secondhand tennis racket strings" when the message has clearly been sent to loads of places without any regard for anyone's personal nature, are blatantly transparent!

To get around this, if you wish to convey the knowledge that you have visited this site, it's best to say something actually about the site! It's a site with loads of character, so this is a reasonable expectation.

Before sending a commercial message to this site, please be aware of a few things:

1. It's a website that's good for business and has thousands of pages. You may be interested in doing business here. This is good.

2. Reciprocal links are ok, but please don't ask for bulk requests, or for links that are poor value. Search engines aren't daft, you know! See LINK Request

3. If you are in the website building business, please don't offer to re-write this site unless you are capable of writing thousands of pages. See full site index

4. Any Nigeria Scams and other rogue messages, attempts to scare us into doing things on the basis of this or that naff law that some country has enacted, and various other kinds of nuisance, will most likely be reported!

5. Any e-mail addresses harvested from this website are not worth having. Indeed they are a liability to the list they are on. We tell buyers of such lists that they should ask for a refund from their list supplier. It's easy to tell if addresses have been harvested. Genuine opt-in senders are given special allocated addresses to send to.

6. Affiliate programs are welcomed! Many companies have affiliate programs here. If you are judging this site for an affiliate program, it's best to read the Judging page.

7. Please don't send .doc files and other proprietary format stuff which could easily be sent in a more anyone-friendly form.

8. Messages coming in will generally be sorted out and a response sent at some time. Please be patient. It's quite busy here and there's often a backlog.

So if you'd like to write in with a business proposal, please do! I hope we can be mutually good for business! Here's the link: Trade e-mail

Remember: If you're friendly, we're friendly!

Other useful links: How to set up a business , How to get your own Website , How to get a free website , etc.