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In this context, TRANSFERS are the incidental bits of travel that are required to get you from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport. Sometimes travel companies include the transfers in the booking, but sometimes they avoid doing so because it's too expensive to book via the usual channels. This can sometimes leave you having to haggle with taxi drivers at airports, (you should agree the price before the fare starts), or you can buy transfers in advance via specialist companies who are in the travel transfers business! Some of these are as follows:

Key Transfers - "Key Transfers offers return or one way transfers from the airport to your hotel. From Private taxis, to shuttle services key transfers can offer you a great deal"

A2B Transfers - "fast becoming the leading holiday transfer company in the United Kingdom".

Med Life Hotels


Shuttle Direct EU

Holiday Taxis

Trans Penine Express - to the airport by train

Sky Park Secure

Alicante Private Transfers

Park and Go

Taxi 2 Airport

Resort Taxis

Go Airlink NYC

UK Park and Ride

Last Minute Airport Parking

Click Transfers

Shuttle Direct US

Resort Hoppa


National Express Dot 2 Dot

It makes good sense to plan in advance and know what you are going to do. Incidentally, when you arrive at an airport and you're looking for your taxi driver, make sure you've got the right driver! You can check this easily by showing that your method of payment is a piece of paper with the transfer certified on it, not cash or a promise of payment at the hotel! This documentation can save you from a scam.

If you have no transfers then you should haggle over the fare, but then offer a good tip. This shows travellers to be generous but not fools.

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