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No Travel Content at This Site?

Oh really? Well let's see if that's true...

A while ago, a travel company, Crystal Holidays, said there's no travel content at this site. This is of course a laughable allegation and entirely unfounded. Let's have a look at the Travel Content at this site:

For a start, there's the Travel page, which has many travel companies featured. Free competition in a free-market economy in the travel business. However, in terms of Content, I have travelled and written up some of my own experiences, and there's the notable Travel Checklist which helps people to pack and not forget. There are some interesting warning pages such as How to Avoid Passport Theft, and How to Avoid being Robbed in a Hotel Room. Also, when booking flights, Avoid Transit of the USA. The whole business of flights gets an extra page of Airlines, with a whole additional category of Transfers (transport from airport to hotel and back). Plus, there's the Flight Related category which also has many connections.

Other travel-related pages include: Maps, and the mystery of Lost Luggage. Note that Luggage in itself gets a whole category.

Of course there's a page of Hotels, and there's the Guide to Good and Bad in Hotels. These pages have been up for years. I have been travelling for years. I have been looking for a Tax Haven to move to, because of my success in the affiliate business!

Well, they might say, there's no Destination-Related Travel Content. Well, that's a good point, so let's have a look at the destination related travel content at this site. I travelled to Belize and I have written quite a lot about the place. See, Belize is OK to visit as a tourist, but it's not so good to live there. There's a nice recommendation of a Hotel in Belize, but in terms of the problems of living in Belize, I've written about the problem of crime in Belize, and the problem of Police Corruption in Belize. Moving on, there's a much more glorious page about Panama, with first-hand experiences of the Panama Canal, and there's a curious story of an encounter with wildlife, termed the Tale of the Lizard. This is travel content.

Sri Lanka also gets a write up thanks to the fact that I've travelled there. It's a pity about the genocide and the shambolic way the Tamils have been mistreated, but this again gets written about.

When I travelled to Costa Rica, I wrote about the Real Estate in Costa Rica, but one of these days I'll probably write about the sights of San Jose and a few other interesting things about Costa Rica. Similarly with the Dominican Republic. This is also referenced at the page of Tax Havens

Many other places are commented upon at pages linked from the category of Places, but it goes further than that, because some more helpful travel companies have provided photos, for example the picture in the Balearics, and picture in Turkey, and the picture of a holiday beach scene

Travel Insurance also has a category at this site, and there is travel related content, not just the merchant shpiel, but also customer testimonial material

The Island of Barbados is of particular interest as it's a venue for the Affiliate Future meetings. How about that for style?!

A variety of tourist destinations in the UK also get a write-up, for example the National Railway Museum, the Science Museum, Camden Market, the National History Museum, the British Museum, and possibly a few Aquariums

A few famous landmarks around the world also get a page each, for example the Pyramids, the Statue of Liberty, the London Eye, the Grand Canyon, and Mount Everest. These and other notable places get reviews which connect up to other pages for various reasons.

As well as Travel Companies doing quite well out of this site, Lonely Planet also do well, as you need a travel guide book when visiting various places.

There is a useful page of what to pack, which could help.

I had considered using the Linux program htmloose3 to append to this page all of the links to all of the pages at this site which mention "travel", but it turns out there'd be over a thousand of them, out of over seven thousand pages.

Crystal Holidays were not alone in making mistakes. In July 2011, the famous British family holiday company Hoseasons stated that Zyra's website was "not a travel site". Ignoring the fact that it's got more travel content than some travel sites, they chose to miss out. Well, that's their prerogative. So, I'm recommending other family holidays instead!

Quite a lot of the travel content at Zyra's website is about adventurous travel. You are welcome to explore the Travel category and see this first-hand.

Update: Crystal Holidays have had a change of heart on this and have at long last invited this site onto their affiliate program at CJ. Well Done to Crystal Holidays!