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Tin sheds would be an insult to Trimetals. The quality of their buildings stands out from the crowd. They also come with handy optional extras such as flooring, shelving and alarms.


"Trimetals has been established for over 35 years and is firmly placed as Europe's leading producer of quality metal storage buildings and metal garden sheds.

The unique designs which maximise strength and rigidity are unmatched by any other manufacturer and our 15 year panel guarantee is your assurance that our range of buildings are the very best available.

Please do not confuse our products with cheap and flimsy substitutes or plastic alternatives. Our buildings are strong, secure, fire resistant and maintenance free, giving you real value for money. We pride ourselves in our reputation for superior products and are sure you will be completely satisfied with any product in our extensive range.

Trimetals is one of Europe’s leading garden building manufacturers specialising in high quality steel sheds and storage units. Trimetals product advantages include superior strength and security, class 0 and 1 fire resistance and maintenance free materials.

The product range consists of a range of garden sheds and storage units, two particularly popular products for the safe and secure storage of bicycles and motorcycles, and storage units for use with mobile homes".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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