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Televisions float on water

It's just one of those strange facts that would never dawn on the mind really. Most electrical appliances, if dunked in some deep water, sink without trace. Televisions, however, Float! I know this - I have seen it! During a flood in which people's front rooms were awash with river water, televisions floated. Note that this is about TV sets that have the old CRT. It doesn't apply to flat-screen TV sets!

The reason why televisions float on water is not because out of all electrical appliances the television is the most likely to be accused of being a witch, but it is because the television contains a large Tube, which, is full of empty space. Let's not get into pedantic details such as how something can be Full of Empty Space, but the fact is that empty space weighs less than water and is therefore very buoyant. The vacuum of the cathode ray tube is well sealed to stop air getting in and is equally good at stopping water getting in, and therefore televisions float.

Old-style CRT computer monitors also float.

I couldn't guarantee that all televisions float, but certainly all the old style bulky ones are likely to be able to.

If you are rescued at sea clutching a floating television set, it's best to avoid insisting that the telly be hauled out, as the electronics will most likely not be serviceable.