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Akademos LLC

Text Books At Cost, or Akademos LLC, or TextbooX.com, is a place worth knowing about. Students looking for textbooks used to have to buy them new, and then when they'd passed their exams they'd have difficulty selling their old textbooks for a decent price. Well now these people Akademos/TextbookX etc have set up a website where you get get textbooks for a sensible price and you can sell any old textbooks you happen to have at a reasonable price to. Sounds good.

In their own words "TextbookX.com is the place to buy and sell new and used discount textbooks, general reading and reference titles. We have over 930,000 titles in stock, most shipping within 1-2 business days. With average savings of 50% off new book prices, students, educators, and general book buyers enjoy 10% to 80% savings off retail prices - when they purchase through our marketplace. Students can also sell their used textbooks on the marketplace for an average of 200% more than typical bookstore buyback prices".

And they also add in an "about" section: "Akademos, Inc. was founded in March 1999 by Brian Jacobs, then a professor of political philosophy at Cornell University. The company's mission is to use new media and content distribution models to democratize and advance the development and distribution of educational resources. Akademos, an olive grove outside of Athens named after a Greek war hero, was once the site of Plato's school of philosophy and is the source of the English word "academy." For many, Plato's Academy was the birthplace of western philosophy, scientific reason, and some of our most cherished ideas about justice and the free exchange of ideas".

So, there you have it. There's more at the site, by the way. If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Text Books X

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