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UK Tights

Get your legs covered at UK Tights. There's everything to show off your pins, they are even recommended by Harrods!

UK Tights:

"UKTights.com has been brought about because we feel that there is a genuine need to supply good quality hosiery at the right price.

With over 15,000 pair of tights, stockings, hold ups and socks, UKTights have everything from everyday socks to 100% pure silk stockings from Paris.

We are recommended by the senior management of the hosiery department, Harrods of London to be the best supplier of silk hosiery in the UK.

In other words UK Tights is the Home of Hosiery, whatever you need to get your legs on show we have it!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


UK Tights

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