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Ultimate Graded Appliances

Hotpoint bargains can be found at Ultimate Graded Appliances. There are massive savings on their factory-reworked items.

Ultimate Graded Appliances:

"Ultimate Graded Appliances is a trusted seller of Hotpoint household appliances.

They have a fantastic range of washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, washer dryers and shower units. All items are factory-reworked but are as new and are available at great prices, passing on huge savings to customers.

Products may have some minor blemishes that are normally limited to the sides and rear of the appliances.

However all appliances are fully functional and factory tested and are sold with a full 12 months functional warranty, supported by Hotpoint Service".

If you have been tempted by this, here was the link:

The Link Was Here To Go To The Place!

http://www.ultimategradedappliances.co.uk affiliate program was with BUY AT but it has now closed.

Those appliances at Ultimate Graded Appliances may not be perfect, but they are good. Anyway, if you bought something new from a fancy shop, how long would it remain in perfect condition? It sounds like you are getting a real bargain at Ultimate Graded Appliances. The only fault I can find with the company at present is that they are quite difficult to get in contact with.

Whilst the appliances at Ultimate Graded Appliances are near-perfect, though not perfect, having an affiliate program at Buy.at has turned out to be a long way short of perfect. It's a sad fact that Buy.at were taken over by AOL and were never quite the same after that. In early 2009 they tried to impose a new contract on affiliates and I refused to sign it! I told them. I said "You don't seriously expect people to sign this, do you?". Fortunately, most of the merchants at Buy.at were relatively easily relocated on other networks and moved across.

Of course it would be nice to continue to promote Ultimate Graded Appliances, and I invite them to join one of the other affiliate marketing companies so we can continue to promote them here! Of course it's not the fault of Ultimate Graded Appliances if Buy.at have fouled up the affiliate program and alienated affiliates. It's a shame that this page has ended up being corked, but as soon as we can get a new affiliate link via somewhere else, it will be uncorked and connected up, and be almost as good as new! Come on, Ultimate Graded Appliances, write in and let's get this sorted out.

Customers, please don't write in. Instead, you can either type in the web address of Ultimate Graded Appliances which is www.ultimategradedappliances.co.uk or you can visit other Domestic Appliance Shops