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No jokes it's UNICEF Shop and your chance to help the world's children. We'll let them explain things for themselves below.


"UNICEF UK is one of 37 National Committees based in industrialised countries. We raise funds for UNICEF’s worldwide emergency and development work and advocate for lasting change for the world’s children.

UNICEF helps children receive the support, healthcare and education they need to survive the threats of childhood poverty - such as preventable disease or malnutrition - and grow up to become healthy adults.

We encourage families to educate girls as well as boys, so both men and women can play a full role in family life and broader society.

We strive to protect children from violence and abuse, and from exploitation through child labour or trafficking. We also protect children in the midst of war and natural disasters, and provide emergency assistance, usually within 48 hours.

How your purchase helps.

Your purchase will help UNICEF help children around the world.

For example:

10 cards...can provide Vitamin A Capsules to help protect 80 young children against blindness for 6 months.

20 cards...could allow UNICEF to provide vaccines to immunise 40 children against measles, which kills almost 800,000 children each year.

60 cards...could provide 4 insecticide-treated mosquito nets to protect families from malaria".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Unicef Shop

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