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Unique Produce

Find yourself or a loved one a unique gift from the Unique Produce website. Choose from hand craft, art craft, food items, leather items and a whole lot more.

Unique Produce:

"One day, back in 2010 we decided to combine our knowledge and passion in order to create Unique Produce.

Unique Produce allows small producers of traditional or unique products and produce to reach out to customers in new markets by selling their products on the Unique Produce website and having the products and produce shipped directly to the customer.

The Unique Produce website is a modern and secure e-commerce website linking together small local producers and online savvy consumers. The website offers producers of hand craft, art craft, food items, leather items and other products to place their product on the website and sell them during a period of time whilst the sale is happening, a so called flash sale Ė normally lasting between 2 weeks and 1 month.

When the sale is closed, the producer will receive an order list, securely pack the sold items and then get them collected by our logistics partner for delivery direct to the buyer in the United Kingdom.

The idea behind Unique Produce is to link together producers of products and produce and the online consumer who wants to be able to buy something that is genuine, traditionally made or unique through the online channel.

Membership is free and you donít need an invitation to join. The Unique Produce team travels miles and spends extensive hours researching the web in order to discover new designers, new artists and new producers from around Europe".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Unique Produce

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