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Companies that are called VANISH. The name VANISH. Places by that name. The name "Vanish" is used by many companies and organisations. But surely in this world with its culture of acquisition you might be surprised about this as the word "Vanish" means to disappear. There are things you'd want to disappear: Troubles, MUCK, an excess of something unnecessary, etc. I've heard that there's many good cleaning products called Vanish, including quite a good brand of stuff called Vanish that can be deployed in the toilet and is very effective at the kind of thing you might guess it does. Also, there's a different company that can make dirt disappear from carpets, so they're called Vanish Cleaning, or something like that. VANISH also refers to magic, and conjuring tricks where things are made to inexplicably disappear. The idea of magic being implicit upon the mysterious change of something from presence to absence, especially if this happens suddenly.

This page, in the spirit of the KENCO page, lists a variety of different places, companies, and concepts, who all share the name VANISH:

vanish - word, meaning to disappear. For more, see old dictionaries.

Vanish - Vanish Cleaning Systems - the lyrical carpet cleaners! Providers of cleaning services.

Vanish - - Cleaning Products - a variety of home products for causing dirt to vanish. Special note: The company behind this is Reckitt Benckiser, who also get a glowing review at the page about kettle descaler

Vanish - - a sailing boat travelling the world. A real adventure story unfolds!

Vanish - - a site helping people to become anonymous.

Vanish - Vanish Entertainment - a wide variety of intriguing entertainment in Australia.

Vanish - - Vanish toilet bowl cleaner. (apparently gone (2006/06/04))

Adware.Vanish - An intrusive SPYWARE thing that can invade your computer and change your homepage. If you've got this, see Anti-Spyware stuff!

Vanish! - (concept) - to disappear, almost as if they'd not been there. Magic, conjuring, etc. See

Vanish - Victorian Adoption Network for Information & Self Help - adoption and foster care in Australia. - was

Vanish - "Visualizing And Navigating Information Structured Hierarchically" - software project in Canada. - was

Vanish - - BAND - the music is probably good, but the website is worryingly slow to load. Likely to be worth waiting for though, if you've got broadband



The expression LIVE AND LET LIVE comes to mind, as last time I looked, the company who make a well-known quality brand of lavatory cleaner were threatening to sue a small firm of carpet cleaners just because they'd got the same name. They weren't even in the same line of business, or using the same colour scheme or logo or style of promotion.