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Vista Print - Business cards and office supplies, stationery, etc. VistaPrint is a long-established company and we have been on their affiliate program for some time!

Hasta la Vista! - means "Goodbye!" - Spanish term. Additional overtones added since bandied about as per "I'll Be Back" re the Terminator.

Monta Vista - a form of embedded Linux - a commercial grade Linux - based operating system and universal development platform.

Alta Vista - search engine

Asta La Vista - was Underground Search Engine - but now Internet Security Portal

Buena Vista Entertainment - was http://bventertainment.go.com/
- a well known movie company

Foto Vista - connected with Pixmania

Vista - AmeriCorps VISTA - charity against poverty

New Vista Live - a public opinion survey company.

VistaVision - 35mm film running horizontally for twice the resolution

VistaSource - an office suite applixware

Vista - a new variant of the Microsoft operating system after Microsoft Windows XP

Servista - energy providers

Cervista - Linux video processing / ray tracing ?

Vistre - Syndicat Vistre (En raison de l’état extrêmement dégradée du Vistre, le syndicat poursuit trois objectifs de restauration), Vistre Consulting http://vistre.com/ , l'office de Tourisme de la Communautéde Communes de Rhôny Vistre Vidourle - Tourism Francaise

Vistar - Vistar Night Vision , Vistar.ca satellite communications, Vistar Eye medical, Vistar.hu Hungarian lamps, Vistar Food Corporation etc. - not to be confused with Vivostar web hosting

Vesta - asteroid, temple, matches, fried rice. These are Vesta, not Vista.

Visa - see passports and credit cards



The original term VISTA means VIEW, for example a panoramic scene, sight from vantage point, etc. Multilingual applications in names, for example "Buena Vista", "Bella Vista", etc. Having a good view from a house is an asset.

Companies have been named "Vista" or Vista something or other for a long while. I don't object to Microsoft naming their new variant operating system "Vista", although I'll be a bit annoyed if they start suing all the other places called Vista out of existence.

If your company/house/name etc is VISTA, you might like to be added to this list as a precautionary measure just in case of that eventuality. e-mail here