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The Voices Forum is an excellent flagship liberational organisation for mad people, run by mad people. Schizophrenia is the main speciality, but the group is open to other kinds of madness too. Voices Forum publishes PERCEPTIONS, a quarterly newsletter which has some very interesting items in, and has meetings in London, Birmingham, Manchester, and other places. Especially good is the VOICES SELF-MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE, which is held annually in various places at random, and at which there is useful talk on how to cope with schizophrenia and how to use the advantages of having schizophrenia to improve your life. For information about joining VOICES you can phone 020 8547 9226 or take a look at the Perceptions Forum "Join-Us" page

Remember: Just about anyone who has been great in history has been mad.

For further information on The Voices Forum take a look at the OFFICIAL VOICES FORUM SITE now up and running (2001/07) at www.perceptionsforum.org.uk !!!

Where news of announcements of future TEA PARTIES and other interesting items will be available!

Also see the Voices Forum's Leaflet (this is also on the Official Site!)

The 2000 Self-Management conference (see PICTURE) on 2000 October 05 in Manchester was a great success. This picture is now on the front page of Perceptions Magazine! (2001 Spring)

Also note that there is more than one schizophrenia organisation. Among many other useful contacts are:

Zyra's MAD LINKS page

rethink (was National Schizophrenia Fellowship) NSF - "positive approach to mental illness"

Mad Pride - "glorifying madness in all its forms"

Royal College of Psychiatrists - "let wisdom guide"

...and of course the OFFICIAL VOICES FORUM SITE at www.perceptionsforum.org.uk (have I mentioned that before?)

Also see Perceptions Forum