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It's possible to recycle an automatic washing machine door glass as a cooking bowl

It's a hidden secret of front-loading automatic washing machines that they have a remarkable use even after they are dead. As well as obvious facts of recyclability such as the way in which the motor can be reused for diverse fun DIY projects, and the pumps can be turned into fountains (water features in garden etc), bearings used as telescope mounts, and the control clock unit retasked to make quite a good disco light sequencer, there is this strange hidden talent of the central glass window. It's made of PYREX and is a high quality heavy-duty glass basin in disguise!

First, let's specify what this is. I'm talking about those automatic washing machines where there's a central porthole door through which you can see the goings-on inside and check the cat has not got in. The transparent window is made of glass, but it's not ordinary window-glass but a much higher specification of quality, as it's got to survive many years of use as a washing machine front!

Incidentally, although most automatic washing machine port-holes are heavy glass, a few are plastic. You can check this in any particular case by clinking a coin against it.

If you happen to have an automatic washing machine that's beyond repair, or you see a dead washing machine while exploring a scrap yard, here's your chance to acquire the quality item that is "the bowl". In the case of scrap yards, the glass is not generally of any value to the scrap company, as it's not thought of as recyclable glass in the way bottles are. So, you have a possibility of acquiring it quite cheaply if you ask nicely.

To remove the glass, it's a matter of carefully undoing the screws around the inside and carefully removing it. The removal process is not usually difficult, but it requires some care to avoid prizing the edge of the glass.

Once removed, the glass then has something done to it that's the magic touch: It's turned through 90 degrees. This is what makes it "the bowl". The interesting fact about this is that it's something that's never considered, the spacial alignment of the glass being something fixed mentally in those who have ever observed it!

Now you've got your bowl, clean it well. Glass being the impervious material that it is, it's quite practical to clean the bowl completely so it's hygienic for use as a food bowl. (Chamber pots can similarly be retasked!)

As it's Pyrex, it's possible to use the bowl to cook pies, and for other high-temperature applications.

If you have friends round for dinner and you serve up food in this huge bowl, many of them will never guess that it was once part of a washing machine!

Extra note: If you are looking into getting a new washing machine to replace one that's malfunctioned and been retasked into being a cooking bowl, there are some electrical shops who may be able to help.