Please take your time and be patient.

You may have noticed on the Internet, too many websites are all the same as each-other.

I am Zyra, and my website is different.

For one thing it's not in the normal conventional colour-schemes, styles, or formats, and for another it's got thousands of pages of actual content. These are linked together, with links you can select, by clicking on them, like that.

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When people discover my site, they are pleasantly surprised, and those who have intelligence and patience take the time to explore it for at least ten minutes, by which time they realise it is a site well worth bookmarking and revisiting. This is the nature of it; it's a site that is good for "many a good tea break", well worthwhile coming back to again and again!

Thanks! :-)

Thanks for clicking on my banner and visiting my website! Years ago I didn't need to pay for advertising, but those were the days before sadly Google went down the pan. When Google ceased respecting proper real content reviews and instead had lots of irrelevant spamlike ads, my pages of real stuff were forsaken by Google. So, I decided to get a banner promotional campaign with such companies as UK Banners, so that I could introduce more people to my website.

The hope is, that of the many people who will see the banners, the more observant will click through, and then the more intelligent will actually bookmark/remember the website address and make this site a much frequented Internet destination, like it used to be before Google's mistakes damaged the search market. (If you want to see more about search, see my guide to good search engine design).ZYRA's website www.zyra.org.uk

If you're sick of seeing websites that are irrelevant, or insult your intellect, or are too conformist, or have too many splat adverts, then you'll find Zyra's website (www.zyra.org.uk) a refreshing change! The advice and explanations are relevant, and you are credited with a reasonable amount of good sense, and the promotions here are not chucked in your face; you have to find them, because you are looking for them. That's how things should be.

If you'd like to look for something quite specific, you can actually look it up in alphabetical order , like the way you could look things up in a library. The website has over nine thousand pages, and they are organised in this way as well as by context and by category. Zyra's website is a website about almost everything, not about one particular theme, but about almost everything. It's taken twelve years to build it. There's a page explaining more about Zyra's website

I hope you have fun exploring it, and I hope you return many times, and put the good word in to your friends.

If you want visit the shopping and the famous name brands, you can, but you don't have to. You are welcome to look around the vast compendium of helpful write-ups and explanations, which are published to be helpful.

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