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This is the old page about WOOLWORTHS the famous high street store. This is especially about the Woolworths.co.uk home shopping page which is the entry point to Woolworths entertainment web site relating to Music, DVDs, Videos, and Games.

WOOLWORTHS - Well Worth It

At the Woolworths.co.uk website, (which had a link at the end of this page), you are invited to browse and purchase all your favourite entertainment products when it's convenient for you.

Woolworths.co.uk operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offers you an excellent selection of entertainment goods including most DVD, Video, CD Album and Game titles presently available in the UK.

You may be interested to know that as well as the Woolworths Website, which caters for entertainment products, Woolworths also has a considerable presence in the physical world, so if you wish to purchase any other other product such as toys, clothing etc, then you might consider visiting one of the 800 Woolworths stores located throughout the UK (if there's not too much snow on the ground this xmas!). The Woolies Christmas 2001 catalogue is available in your high street store now!

And now comes the point where the link was, where you could visit directly the site of Woolworths...


www.woolworths.co.uk affiliate program was with Affiliate Window

Update: Some time ago, there was a new WOOLWORTHS page, which was quite popular for a while. Sadly, Xmas 2008, our friends at Affiliate Window have said "Woolworths have gone into administration". That's a bit of a shocker, because they were doing so well. Now don't panic, because Woolworths aren't just going to disappear. There'll be some solution, and I believe the administrators will do their best to make sure everything is sorted out the best way that's possible in the circumstances. Who knows, Woolworths might yet be bought out by Ryman?! That would be interesting, wouldn't it?

Well, there is some interesting NEWS: Woolworths Online has now been bought out by the Shop Direct Group and there is an updated Woolworths page here. Welcome back!