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This page is about WOOLWORTHS the famous high street store. This is especially about the Woolworths.co.uk home shopping page which is the entry point to Woolworths entertainment web site relating to Music, DVDs, Videos, and Games. Both the shop and the affiliate program have gone through various periods in their history, so don't be surprised if this seems a curious story...

Here's what they used to say at Woolworths:Woolworths

"WOOLWORTHS - Well Worth It

At the Woolworths.co.uk website you are invited to browse and purchase all your favourite entertainment products when it's convenient for you.

Woolworths.co.uk operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offers you an excellent selection of entertainment goods including most DVD, Video, CD Album and Game titles presently available in the UK".

At a later date, Woolworths said this:

"Woolworths.co.uk - brings the convenience of everybody’s favourite high street store to your fingertips. With a fantastic selection of entertainment products including over 150,000 CDs, 14,000 Videos, 4,000 DVDs, 3,000 games and a great selection of Outdoor Toys you will be sure to find that ‘perfect something’ for all the family. With great special offers and features available every day it is the well worth visiting Woolworths.co.uk!"

Of course as well as the Woolworths Website, which catered for entertainment products, Woolworths also had a considerable presence in the physical world, including 800 Woolworths stores located throughout the UK. There was always a good Xmas catalogue, including such things as toys, clothing, National Lottery tickets, etc, but sadly just before Christmas 2008 the sad news came in from our friends at Affiliate Window that the Woolworths had gone into administration.Woolworths

The mystery of why Woolworths, a profitable and well-liked highstreet company, could go out of business, has been pondered over by many pundits, but the general opinion is that Woolworths were busted by the banks. It was said that the bank tried to increase the interest rate on the overdraft, and instead of having reasonable negotiation on how much Woolworths could afford to pay, the bank demanded all of the money back immediately. Unsurprisingly, no business, not even Woolworths, could afford to pay back everything immediately like that, and so it ended up being wound-up, much to the disgust of the customers. A good company, put out of business by a bank's financial inflexibility. That's the story that I have heard.

That leaves this page at a bit of a loose end regarding where to connect, but the this is: Don't Panic. Something will be sorted out. They're not just going to disappear. I would guess they'll be bought out by someone, and they'll be back up and running again soon.

In the meantime, there's a helpful SHOPPING PORTAL at Zyra's site (www.zyra.org.uk), and many other famous names are featured.

www.woolworths.co.uk affiliate program was with Affiliate Window

The tragedy of Woolworths has been compounded by a rather cruel twist of fate. Although it was good news that the Woolworths Online profitable business was taken over by Shop Direct Group (Littlewoods Direct), they were left lumbered with havingWoolworths an affiliate program at Buy.at which meant they were missing out on a huge amount of good business which they would have got here. Not only here, too. Take a look at Woollies at Stamp Demon where another good content-based website was excluded entirely unfairly from promotion of Woolworths Online. It's bad enough living in a credit crunch and having famous highstreet companies going out of business, but having bad business practices being imposed by bad affiliate marketing makes it much worse! Also see The Trouble With Buy.at at Xyroth's website.

The story has a happy ending, as Woolworths Online has bought by the Shop Direct Group, and then when Buy.at was bought out by Digital Window, we got back to promoting Woolworths Online. So, here is the new link! ...

Woolworths - The Nation’s Most Loved Store returns. You Can't Visit Them Online Today From Here!

Woolworths affiliate program was with Affiliate Window. Woolworths Online is now part of the Shop Direct Group. Sadly, Woolworths have had to reduce the number of affiliates promoting them - let's hope this isn't the Death Knell for Woolies once more! Therefore, we have had to Bung Up the page again! In the meantime, for alternatives please visit our Shopping Catalogues page.