XYRA.org.uk ?

You can link to ZYRA from hereIf you're looking for the Website about Almost Everything, thousands of pages, an eccentric eclectic encyclopaedic site etc, then it's worth knowing it begins with a Z and is in fact ZYRA.org.uk . It's easy to find as soon as you get the spelling of the name exactly right and remember it's .ORG.UK

Or, you might be looking for www.xyra.CO.uk which is a website by XYRA (Not Zyra) and is about mountain biking and offroad pursuits, and fish and aquariums. We like to be on good terms with everyone, so here's hoping the link helps.

Or, you could be looking for www.XARA.org.uk which is also on an outdoor theme. XARA is a boat, and her travels are documented at Xara's website.

Then again, there's www.Xara.co.uk which is by XARA, a software company.

Meanwhile, ZYRA has been around for a long time, and has a website with thousands of pages and a philosophy which is public-spirited as well as profitable.Zyra's website Zyra is a curious eccentric character for sure, someone who's unconventional and individualistic. You can find out a lot more about this at Zyra's website

The story of this domain XYRA.org.uk : I was trying to buy an exact match hard disc drive to replace the drive which had tragically failed (See data loss, How I got my data back and Data Recovery from failed Hard Disc), and in the course of the conversation there was mention of websites, so I mentioned www.zyra.org.uk and spelt it out "Z Y R A ..." and the person at the other end of the phone line typed it in and then said it was "Not Found". Somewhat worrying, as I'd spelt it out carefully. But it seems that, quite innocently, some people have confusion over the letters Z and X, which as well as being close together on a ZXCVBNM keyboard, and having similar sounds in some words, are also both exotic for the starting letter of a name. So, realising that some people can make the mistake, I set about getting the domain (from 123 Reg) to avoid confusion.

Having got the domain I have found there are other people who I felt should to be mentioned, so I'm linking to them. It's important to be inclusive diplomatically and to avoid the greed which has been observed in some places! (displacementism). I hate cybersquatting! One way to help to defeat cybersquatting is the domain neighbourly principle as seen at the page of The Kenco Problem. If we succeed in declaring an independent country we intend to defeat cybersquatting by having a universal name resource, finally bursting the .com bubble and putting an end to much suffering. In advance of this noble and grandiose ideal getting anywhere near to being practicable there is a resource at www.the.real.name

Meanwhile, at Zyra's website you can explore for over a week and not see it all. It's like the big museums where you can't see everything in a day.

Zyra has an open policy on linking to other places, and the existence of this page referring to XYRA is not intended to be displacementist at all. So, if you feel you should be on this page, please e-mail Zyra and begin friendly dialogue.

Have fun exploring Zyra's website! You can even sign up to the crazy newsletters if you like!

Visit Zyra's website at www.zyra.org.uk

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