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The OLD page of
Zyra Artistic Restoration and Alteration

A company replaced by something even more bizarrely inexplicable.

<image?>When the site www.zyra.org.uk first started it was not known which if any of the business opportunities would flourish. Now, several years later, the website itself has become a success because of such things as the Shopping Portal, and in relative terms other things as Zyra Artistic Restoration and Alteration have become superseded to the point where it is no longer time-economical to adjust photographs. The business does much better being an interesting website with affiliate pages than it would do in the line of adjusting and restoring photographs. So, if you want to modify, digitally adjust, or artistically enhance, a photo, you may have to look around for someone who's got more time.

This page "Zaart.htm" is kept as an interesting historical page, and other contacts are mentioned at the end.

Old page: "Pictures altered or restored, artistic modification of photographs, digital images, editing-out of mistakes, image-improvement service"

Artistic work WAS taken on here. Take a look at the Zyra modelling shots and the Photo Gallery to get an idea of what was possible. To be honest, almost ANYTHING was possible. But depending on how near to impossible it was, the price ranged accordingly. Some things were easy but looked impressively difficult, and some things that looked easy were more tricky than they seemed. So, you were recommended to ASK! You might have been pleasantly surprised.

A few things that were known to be possible, were:

The open-minded setup here would try anything, and an e-mail address was included for writing in.

To see what the business has become, have a look at the full site index to get an idea of the scale of this website and the great diversity of subjects explored.

Other places that offer digital alteration of pictures:

Papa Digimage can do photographic improvement, restoration, and alteration too.

Also see Picture Perfect (was http://retouchers.topcities.com/index.htm )

Now see Photos Restored Online

Also see Scanapix

And now also Fix and Frame - who will Frame it as well as restore/alter it!

Other contacts can be added here.