Affiliate not approved for this programme.





...Except this is not actually true. The affiliate WAS approved for this programme and promoted the place with considerable success for some time, but has since been kicked off. Why? Well, we could presume it's because of the notion that we're not supposed to refer to the company as "Zurich Insurance". Several messages from stated this, but they were dismissed as obviously silly. The company's name is Zurich and they are an Insurance company, so they are often referred to as Zurich Insurance! Plus, they have been known as Zurich Insurance even to the extent of having a domain so, it is clearly ridiculous for to make claims that we should not say "Zurich Insurance"! How can you take such messages seriously?!

For your information and to explain the story, there is a page about Zurich Insurance at this website.

Plus, after was taken over by AOL, the new contract was not agreeable here, at least not in its original form. The loss of the Zurich Insurance PLC links occurred during the period when were asked (politely) to get their act together and come up with a contract we could in all honesty sign.

You may be interested to know that Zyra's website promotes many other insurance companies and gets on well with almost all of them, and there is no silly PPC nonsense, nor voucher codes, nor incentivised leads. Plus, Zurich are invited to talk to us and explain what they really think about an agreeable affiliate program in future. This is not the first time the Zurich Insurance page at Zyra's website has been adjusted, and everything has been OK before!

Customers, you still have the option of visiting Zurich Insurance PLC via their address which is , or you can browse around other insurance companies

Ye people at Zurich Insurance PLC, please write to us and let's get this sorted out. We got on quite well when you were with TradeDoubler, and we can again.

Also, have improved since the AOL problem! There's a new positive review about here!