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e-mail to Zyra*

If you would like to write a personal e-mail to Zyra, here's the place to send it.

Points of note: Zyra hasn't been in good health for a long time, and finds it difficult to reply to you all. We're trying to keep the website running as a business and someone might be able to answer your e-mail, but there is no certainty. Please visit the Contact Page .

Also, Zyra is emigrating for tax purposes, and will be away for a further test period of three months starting 9th June 2008, but again, you may find someone else here at this site can help! Please visit the Contact Page.

To send Zyra personal e-mail, you can click here

Please feel free to send Zyra a friendly message, which will be read, but please don't assume that you'll get a reply, as Zyra may be busier than Father Christmas, but in worse health. You are welcome to apply to receive the newsletters from this site www.zyra.org.uk (see info on this at the page about the circular newsletters )


As not everyone has a computer with Javascript, you could instead send to the e-mail address "welcome" followed by an "@" symbol followed by "zyra.org.uk"

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