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By popular request, some of the weird modelling shots shown on this site are now to be screened in a gallery on here.

Note: If you like to see people looking ordinary/normal/formal/boring, don't look here and grumble about it. I'm sure you can find pictures of people conforming to what someone is telling them to wear, but not here!

This first shot is a higher-resolution version of the front page picture of Issue33 of, which was found to take too long to load on some Internet connections. Guesses about the background are always welcome, but the pink hair is exactly as-is, being a result of two pots of Flamingo Pink by LaRiche Directions. More about dyeing your hair on the Hair Dye page.

The blue hair is realNow here's a picture from the front page of some of the previous issues. The blue hair colour is real, a combination of Directions Midnight Blue and Atlantic Blue. Also the industrial plant, which is at Immingham, UK, is real, although the modelling shot and the backdrop were created separately and then juxtaposed in session of careful respraying. I leave it for you to decide how real the UFO is. But one thing these scenes proves as a fact is that you do not have to look ordinary! This picture was on the front cover of the Autumn 2001 edition of the glossy magazine Perceptions! But it's in Noir et Blanc!

Another Interesting/Individualistic Zyra pictureHaving green hair is a good way to proving to people you're not going to stand for any of this "normality" nonsense. Of course you have to back it up by being individualistic generally, but that's not difficult. What's more difficult is pretending to be normal. (more about this on the Weirdness page). But why would anyone want to pretend to be normal, unless of course they always do what they are told to do?

Other points of note about this picture are the million-volt Van De Graaf hemisphere (which is for sale), and an old truck which is being restored.

Zyra Issue37The front page picture from Issue 37 and some previous issues. Much speculation was had about the background, which is now revealed to be the ceiling in one of the lifts of the London Victoria Holiday Inn, inverted and colour-adjusted.


Zyra in the picture Astral3aHere's the front page picture from an issue of which on closer inspection has some points of note. This shows off some of the digital art which is possible here. For a start, notice the picture on the screen of the computers in the picture? Familiar? But that picture has never been displayed on there, it's been transplanted there. Also the star background, another piece of careful handiwork. However, the orange hair colour and the stretch silver lamé outfit are real. The hair is by Linda Moghul, and the outfit? I made that myself. Easier than it looks. If you're interested I can include instructions how to make one for yourself on the next issue of the site!

Green hair?Similarly, this asymmetric top is a not available in the shops. To customise this is a precision job, requiring a t-shirt that's skin-tight to start with (This one had in the label "age 9-11"), and then some precision slicing and skilled tailoring to get the tension right so it doesn't catastrophically fail! (Details available on request).

Nice hair colour too. This is KIWI GREEN by Clynol. Part of the DARE TO DIFFER Crazy Tones range.

Zyra communicating with the wider universeNow what's this? What's going on here? Looks like a cunning bit of cut&paste, but it isn't! This picture (link here or on the picture to see a high-resolution version) is an unmodified picture of Zyra standing in the middle of a 50ft diameter Nato Scatter-Station parabolic dish! Anyone interested in buying a second-hand high-gain propagation dish? There are four of these. They'd make an excellent radio astronomy observatory.

The GLEAM pictureThe front page picture from Issue49. Considerable work having been done on the industrial landscape in the background, making the character appear even brighter in the foreground.

This photo gallery has become a bit too big for one page, so the weird pictures continue on Zyra Photo page2...

The pictures were spread across four pages, but have now become accessible by having all the little pictures selectable from the main Zyra photo page.